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Price comparison is most important because all duct cleaners do the same thing the same way (FALSE)

Shopping for price works - if you are looking for a physical item like a car at three or four different dealerships.  If you are pricing a service that is mostly labor and expertise then it is much harder to shop “apples for apples” because there will always be “bad apples”.

2013 ACR NADCA Standards Available (Download)

Get the facts about ACR: The NADCA Standard (Cover)

Assessment Cleaning & Restoration (ACR): The NADCA Standard provides you practical, reliable and industry-backed information for:

  • Assessing new and existing HVAC systems
  • Evaluating and verifying the cleanliness of HVAC system components
  • Preventing job related hazards
  • Guiding the cleaning and restoration o f HVAC systems to a specific level of cleanliness.

Download your FREE copy today.

Study Verifies Coil Cleaning Saves Energy

From the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Journal Vol. 48, Nov. 2006:

Although it’s known theoretically that cleaning a coil can result in energy savings, little actual testing data and research exist to prove the point. As a result, building managers often ignore or reduce resources devoted to air-handler maintenance when faced with budget constraints. If proper maintenance is an important consideration in overall energy costs, conserving in that budget area can be self defeating.

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