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In addition to being the preferred hood and duct cleaning company in Connecticut for over 30 years, we are a full-service cleaning company. If there is something that you need cleaned which is not mentioned below, simply give us a call! I am sure we will be able to accommodate your needs. If not, we will refer you to someone that can!

Contact Cleaning Large Supply Duct

We have been the preferred hood and duct cleaners since 1984. 


Our employees are trained in the latest safety methods to ensure complete compliance with OSHA and State regulations.


Our Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (C-DET) will clean and inspect dryer ducts in accordance with local and state codes. 

connsteam_kitchen_exhaust_0 (1).jpg

Full Kitchen cleaning, Filter service, Grease trap cleaning and dumpster pad cleaning.

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Our Restoration process includes complete cleaning of the Air Handling Unit (AHU) including, fans, coils, motors, condensate pans and cabinet walls.


Our NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspectors (CVI) can do a simple visual inspection up to a full system inspection including digital pictures, remote video, sampling, reporting and presentation to management.



Whether your building is brick, metal, wood or vinyl, our experienced technicians will use the best method available to give you the desired results.


Sidewalks can be cleaned of all gum, residue, salt, and sand. After cleaning, sidewalks can be sealed to reduce the cracking and splitting caused from winter freezing. It will also make "every day" cleaning easier


Our system of de-greasing oil spots, removing harmful salts and sand and washing all surfaces can help to reduce Slips and Falls, Line re-stripping and deck resurfacing. Not only will you enhance the look of your property, you will extend the life of your structure.


If your passive fire protection system isn’t properly maintained, fire and smoke can quickly spread and consume neighboring rooms or hallways in your facility. Contact us today!


We use the latest humane, discreet bird control products available on the market today. Our almost invisible "Stealth Netting" will not detract from the image that you worked so hard to produce! 


We take pride in our U.S. partnership with Click Industries, Inc. Click Industries is a manufacturer of high pressure washers include electric and gas engine powered, hot and cold water.



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