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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak CSC Services is providing to our clients the ability to provide partial to full building/facility disinfecting on a routine or one-time basis. These services range from providing small area(s) disinfecting where an employee or staff member was working and has recently been sent home relative to COVID-19 to full building/facility disinfecting. We can provide routine disinfecting using both "Fogging" and "Electrostatic Disinfecting" units. These procedures not only provide excellent disinfecting results but promote great "optics" for your staff and clients. Additionally, we can provide manual cleaning within your site of all "high touch" areas/surfaces using approved "CDC" recommended chemicals to disinfect throughout the day all door knobs, switch plates, push plates, door jambs, table surfaces, etc. We will provide the appropriate MSDS sheets on any chemicals used for the aforementioned procedures.

We can discuss with you the options available and design a program that will suit your individual needs. Contact us today!


Featured on WFSB News Channel 3 as TOP Air Duct Cleaning company, especially as ventilation concerns during COVID-19 arise.

Watch the Full Video Feature:


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